This crossroads that I know so well…

13 Sep

There are times when you stand on a crossroads and you want to walk in 2 completely contrasting directions. One epitomises practicality, and the other, audacity. There is no viable middlepath. With one, you risk losing everything; rather you risk losing the possibility of having something that you could but isn’t very likely. With another, you would just keep asking yourself… “What if?”

I wonder why it is that I find myself on these crossroads with exams round the corner, each time. It is as if a superior power of some sort destines it.

Tonight, I am uninclined to drink, even though I want to. If I did, I would end up running down the path of audacity; if not, I would keep walking down that of practicality.


It is in times like these that I, a lost and lonely silhouette, wonder… what if one stroke could end it all? Then I crawl into my blanket and twist and turn till I fall asleep, hoping that I never arose from my bed.


2 Responses to “This crossroads that I know so well…”

  1. Shan September 13, 2008 at 4:46 pm #

    Since when have you started writing such depressing posts? Cheer up….ugh….these are only exams yaar….

  2. unsungpsalm September 13, 2008 at 4:50 pm #


    I think I’m a bit better now 🙂

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