French Conquests – The (not quite) dramatic conclusion

11 Jun

Since I haven’t advertised my blog at all, save for commenting on a few others and hoping them to link back, I was only too delighted to be asked to complete my account of my pursuit of Ze French Chef!

If you do not know who it is that I speak of, you might want to rush through these…

French Conquests Part 1

French Conquests Part 2


On one fine evening, I was dawdling on the terrace after tea, having excused myself of the oldies on the pretext that their conversation was dull and that I wanted to listen to music, but evidently stood in wait for his arrival (that happened soon after).

I smiled at him and pretended to continue to listen to my music. He walked up to me, and I frantically removed my earphones.

FC : Would you like some Vodka?

Me: Errr….

FC: Oh, do you take ze alcohol?

Me: Ya!

FC: Would you like some vodka with juice?

Me(shocked): At 6 in the evening???

FC: Yea!!

Me: Err.. Okay!

FC: Yea? Okay, I be right back!

And so, he took off; I was floored (yet again!) I continued to listen to my music, but actually played upon possible conversation in my mind, as I observed him run to the kitchen, fetch some juice, run into his room (how I wish I could’ve followed, sob!) and then come right back to me 🙂

So we sat there, sipping our drinks. I initiated conversation, very carefully phrasing “I do not know your name” in the best french I could. He did understand what I was saying but asked me “Was that a question?”

“Well, it was supposed to be conversational, not inquisitional” I wanted to respond, but refrained from doing so owing to the 2 somewhat complex words I would’ve had to translate into simpler English for him, without being able to.

So I learned his name, (which I shall not reproduce here!), and that he was 26 (I swear he didn’t look a day over 23), a party-animal, loved to travel (had been traveling for 5 years the world-over), had a brother and 2 parents back in France and what not.

He, on the other hand, learned nothing about me! He didn’t ask for a thing!! Well, except my taste in music, which failed to coincide with his.

That pretty much killed some of my obsession, but not all. Though I did lie in wait for him in the following days before my departure, I wasn’t too disappointed when he didn’t turn up.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever have an encounter like the numerous ones I read about here and there. Sexually charged ones!

At the present rate, it is doubtful. I live in a small town where I know one other gay person (oh, now 2!) and strongly dislike him. Everyone else is hidden deep inside the closet (as am I, to an extent) or appears to be beyond my reach.

Well, I’ll miss dear FC, though not for too long. I got back and tried to look him up on Facebook and Orkut to no avail. Even if I had succeeded, I’d pretty much have no valid reason to add him. He shall travel the country for the next 8 months, and I will probably stop and wonder, time and again, where and how he is doing. If he got some other rat lucky!

It remains, however, another chapter of my life that I must unwillingly close.

One Response to “French Conquests – The (not quite) dramatic conclusion”

  1. flygye12 at 9:04 am #

    is the FC the LR u talk about? gosh u got me confused! why not invent nice nicknames for them?

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