French Conquests Part 2

6 Jun

June 1, 12.35 AM

Events of the Day
Efforts to attract his attention continue! Managed to gather guts to ask him some random questions about how long he’s staying etc. in front of family, that too after they initiated conversation with him!
On the flip side, stayed on the terrace with my lappie all night waiting for him to come for his regular evening spend. Was on the phone with Shan, crying away, when he finally came (after hours).
He noticed me, climbed the terrace. I hung up in a hurry. I believed he said something like “Do you want some rum?” I’m sure those weren’t his words, but I thought he did say that then, and I declined. A bit oh “Huh?”s and “What?”s followed (the regular panic attack) and he said he saw me and came to check if I needed anything. Then he left. (Sob!)
Called Shan up again and cried a little more. Think he’s gonna get sick of me soon 😦
I wonder though, if he’s noticing me at all. He doesn’t seem to know. How can I drop a hint, for god’s sake?
Maybe I should go and sprawl myself naked on his bed 😦

2 Responses to “French Conquests Part 2”

  1. flygye12 at 9:00 am #

    LR is the french dude right? how did u get close to him that you talk to him phone ? i want the details…i’m ur brother in askin for details…;-)

  2. unsungpsalm at 5:35 pm #

    No No No! LR is just a friend I got to know last November. FC is French Chef. That’s all. hardly spoke to him at all…

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