French Conquests Part 1

6 Jun

30th May 2008
I’m away on vacation with extended family in a aesthetic resort tucked away in a corner of the country, that happens to flaunt a Chef from France who appears to be here for a short stint over the summers.
When initially I heard the Chef was from France, I was somewhat incredulous but thought, “Oh well, Cool!” When I saw him in person, I was FLOORED!
He is unbelievably cute! Doesn’t look quite French, though. Somewhat Indian. And he’s young. And he’s gay!
No, he did not tell me, but his effeminacy isn’t a secret. So much so that ma famille, the youngest of which is 10 years older than I am, in age, and amongst the older of which are my folks, seemed to be quite cognisant of it and took note of it commenting “Chhakha hai?” behind his back.
Yes, in a way, I too was called one by my family today. Another milestone in knowing that the best place for me in this world is probably far, far away from them. Yes, sure they are relatively young and open-minded, greet the chef warmly, indulge him and drown him in with compliments for his cooking, but in the safe knowledge that he is in no way part of their lives. I, on the other hand, am. At the end of the day, you may be surrounded by minorities of all sorts, but one remains safe in the knowledge of belonging in the majority, and shudder at the thought of being related directly to anything out of “their ordinary.”

So it took me a short moment to figure out his orientation. Even if I hadn’t, it would’ve hardly deterred me from pursuing him in whatever small way! I spent the afternoon attempting to look non-chalant and stroll the length and breadth of the resort in an attempt to track him down, to no avail. I did eventually sense an occupied room in the otherwise deserted establishment, but only short of stopped myself from entering it! Stood outside for quite some time, hoping he’d step out (in a towel) and invite me in 🙂
Wishful thinking.
Ever since then, I’ve been making every small attempt to attract his attention towards me. It doesn’t seem to work too well 😦

5 Reasons I want to be successful in seducing him:-
1. He’s HOT!
2. French people love sex
3. I love the thought of sex once again
4. I’d KILL to have sex with a French guy
5. I’d KILL to have sex with a young, hot French guy

5 Reasons I should not try:-
1. Showing any more interest in him that I already am, in conversation, would Out me to them!
2. He’s passive, I’m passive
3. It would last a few days, and then I’d have to forget him!
4. Don’t like myself too much.
5. Hard to get over something of HIS sort!

I’m very very divided. Either I’m invisible to him, or… I cannot imagine. He’s HARDLY noticed me at all!


More on tomorrow’s adventures tomorrow!

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